Why Use Strategic Resmes?

1.Certified Resume Writers:

Strategic Resumes uses only 100% “in-house” U.S. certified resume writers with successful experience and never uses writers from overseas... most other firms don’t state if they use uncertified, inexperienced, poorly trained, home-based, or "outsourced” writers from overseas who don't fully understand U.S. hiring preferences.

2. Risk-Free Shopping:

Strategic Resumes gives you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after rewrite... most other firms only provide rewrite by same writer & no money back guarantee offered.

3. Turnaround Time:

Strategic Resumes never, ever adds rush charges for your rush order requests... most other firms require rush charges or do not even offer rush service at all.

4. Free Changes Policy:

Strategic Resumes gives free changes for 30 full days after you receive your resume... most other firms do not offer free changes of any kind after you have approved final copy. Of course, we archive your resume permanently so that you never lose your file.

5. Published Writers:

Strategic Resumes writers produce career-related resume articles accepted for publications in journals... most other firms use unpublished writers or don’t state if writers are published.

6. Recommended:

Grant Cooper, Strategic Resumes' founder and president, has been recommended by national publications... most other firm leaders and writers are not recommended by national publications.

7. Length of Service:

Strategic Resumes's founder has been in the professional resume creation business successfully since 1994, ...most other firms have only been in business less than 5 years.

8. Your Input Accepted:

Strategic Resumes can work from scratch by telephone interview or work from your old resume + your email comments and notes... Most other firms want you to fully complete their long, complicated written forms.

9. Customer Service:

Strategic Resumes answers phones with a writer 7 days per week (go ahead & call or email us now)... most other firms do not answer their phones or emails at all on evenings and weekends.