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Why does God / the Universe / Fate / Whatever sometimes make us like boats adrift in the ocean?

A few clients have been coming in lately in that frustrating, overwhelming space between things. They’ve sold a business, retired, or returned home to care for family, and now what? The answer isn’t clear. They could go in any number of directions, but none is shouting at them, “follow me – I’m your true North!”

Their ships have left the familiar shore, but still, after days and weeks and even months, no land in sight.

One client, a recently retired Navy Seal, feels even more fear and discomfort with this transitory time than he did in an actual war. Wow. If a man so brave, focused and accomplished is laid low by this time of not knowing, what about the rest of us weaker folks?

So what does it mean?

Who am I to say? Maybe it’s their time to suffer and feel uncomfortable for a while. God knows I’ve had those times too, and they’re likely not over. More big changes will come.

There are a few things to do at times like this. Make sure your resume looks great, connect with people on LinkedIn and in person, do some research on companies and decision-makers. If need be, to keep the wolf from the door, take a less-than-ideal, temporary job you never tell anyone about.

Mostly though, relax and chill! Have some fun! Sing a happy song on your little lost boat in the ocean.

Tomorrow or the next day, or the day or the week after that, you’ll catch a glimpse of shore.

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