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LinkedIn has become the social network of choice for careers and business networking. LinkedIn is now the world’s largest professional career and business networking tool, with 200+ million global users. 97% of recruiters state that they use LinkedIn to find job candidates, and 67% say that LinkedIn is their sole online recruiting tool. LinkedIn represents the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 300 million users and 3+ million businesses posting a company page on the platform. Within LinkedIn, there are more than 2.1 million LinkedIn Groups organized by industry, location, and interest.

In today’s economy, recruiters primarily focus on finding senior-level executives, scientists and engineers, technical and energy-related professionals, computer and IT leaders and staff, accountants and attorneys, and medical professionals. The entry-level and mid-level business positions that many jobseekers are targeting would not normally be a focus for most recruiters.

Regardless of your career level or job target, simply waiting for a recruiter to search for your profile, although occasionally helpful, is not really the most effective use of LinkedIn for job search…

Keep in mind that the most effective use of LinkedIn as a career search tool involves reaching out to others. As you grow your connections and network, you can begin to reach out to those types of businesses and companies that interest you. Join the LinkedIn Groups that relate to your interests and to your location and begin to participate in discussions.

Quick tips on Improving your LinkedIn Profile:
Always keep your LinkedIn profile and photo updated.
Follow key leaders and influencers so that your newsfeed is highlighted with relevant content.
Learn how to generate LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements… they carry a lot of weight in the eyes of recruiters.
Connect with your team members and the professionals around you. Professional networking on LinkedIn is the whole point.

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