Hubble Telescope Has a Message for Your Career

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There are sooooo many jobs out there. Really. Now.

The Hubble Telescope and other astrophysics technologies are now readjusting to an increased count… currently revealing that there are approximately ONE BILLION TRILLION stars in our observable universe. And since new stars are constantly being born and our technologies to detect them are improving, that number will likely increase. The same is true with the American job market.

Currently, there is one opening in the U.S. for each unemployed individual. During the Great Recession, approximately 7 unemployed workers were chasing each available job. The U.S. posted a record 6.6 million job openings at the end of March 2018, the most since the Labor Dept. began tracking in 2000.

Nearly 50% of small business owners state that they can’t hire enough qualified staff for open jobs, according to a recent NFIB survey, with professional/business services, construction, transportation, warehousing, and utilities leading in unfilled positions.

In light of the record number of job vacancies, some companies are now revisiting their college degree requirements, relaxing standards for those with minor criminal records or prison time, and some are reportedly dropping marijuana from drug testing requirements.

Those who were seeking employment years ago during tight job markets may be surprised as they venture to explore career opportunities today. With the current level of job vacancies, those who equip themselves with the latest search tools and use a targeted strategy may be pleased with the results.

Just as the calculation of exponentially more stars has has dramatically upped the forecasts for how many potentially habitable planetary systems may exist, the increased number of available positions in the job market brings far greater choices in terms of opportunities for better pay, improved job quality, a desirable job location or city, or promotion to higher levels of responsibility.

In order to take advantage of our current bullish job market, jobseekers will want to brush up and fine tune their resumes, develop attention-getting cover letters that can be adjusted for a variety of positions, seriously upgrade their LinkedIn Profiles, and devise a winning game plan to strategically explore opportunities. There may not be, as Carl Sagan would have said, “billions and billions” of open jobs, but there are millions. Simply by mathematics alone, a job you would love is out there… you just need to find it.

Grant Cooper was recipient of the national Career Directors International President’s Award (CDI National Conference, Orlando, FL).

Grant Cooper, founder of Strategic Resumes & Career Coaching, has appeared on CBS, ABC & FOX, published 300+ media and journal articles, taught seminars at industry conferences, and has served as a panel judge for national resume competitions for the past 7 years consecutively.

Grant has assisted the U.S. Air Force, Kinko’s, the Louisiana Dept. of Labor, the NFL, the NBA, as well as many universities, regional banks, hospitals, celebrities, nonprofits, government agencies, entrepreneurs, and corporations. Grant’s clients land competitive positions at Fortune 500 firms.

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