Anatomy of a Career Coaching Project

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How Strategic Resumes & Career Coaching’s Step-By-Step Process Doubled a Client’s 6-Figure Salary within 4 Months

Justin (name and identifying info changed for confidentiality) originally contacted us in early September 2018 to review and assess his resume and cover letter. As Operations Director for a high-profile executive team, Justin played a key role in managing a multi-million dollar budget, with hundreds of staff and a large payroll.

Justin loved his job, felt fairly compensated, and enjoyed a healthy 6-figure salary with periodic performance bonuses. Having served for more than 5 years in his current position, Justin had begun to explore his marketability at the CEO level. Due to the limited results he had obtained navigating the job search process on his own, Justin felt he needed to do better in attracting quality interviews. Our initial analysis of Justin’s resume showed it to be quite good, ranking in perhaps the top 10% of those in current circulation.

However, we shared with Justin that the quality level, content, and formatting of his resume could all be enhanced and elevated using the best practices we leverage for our clients. Justin drove approximately 75 miles to meet in our Uptown New Orleans offices.
During an intensive intake session, we learned that he had his eye on two potential openings. Both CEO opportunities were in the same industry, and each appeared to be a great fit. After reinventing Justin’s resume and cover letter, he applied to the first position.
Following his initial phone interview, Justin decided to engage our coaching process in order to sharpen his rusty interview skills in anticipation of receiving a finalist interview. After providing helpful pointers, we digitally recorded several mock interviews with Justin and reviewed the videos, offering helpful suggestions for his improvement.
To Justin’s delight, he was selected as finalist for the first position, but he shared with us that the second position was the one he desired most, due to its better culture, location, and pay. As Justin awaited scheduling of his final interview for position #1, he asked us retool his cover letter to expressly address the requirements of the second position.
Justin was named finalist for both interviews. After the final interview for position #1 concluded, Justin again approached us to get an edge in pursuing position #2. We advised Justin that we could prepare a “30-60-90 Day Plan” document that would outline and refine how he would approach position #2 in his first 90 days, should he land the job.
As instructed, Justin physically presented his 30-60-90 Day Plan (the plan we prepared for Justin was 4 pages in length) to the panel at the time of the final interview. We also created customized Thank You notes following both interviews. The above processes took a little more than 3 months. Now, with Christmas approaching, all Justin could do was to wait for the results of his job search campaign.
In the business section of an online post, Justin learned that he was not selected for position #1. Although disappointing, he still held out hope for position #2.
About 10 days later, Justin learned that he was indeed the successful candidate for position #2, his preferred job, and he called us immediately to celebrate!
The panelist who contacted Justin stated that the 30-60-90 Day Plan was a tiebreaker, and requested whether it could be shared with the media along with the press announcement.
Our clients are distinguished by the knowledge that preparation and confidence are the keys to success, and they rely on Strategic Resumes & Career Coaching to give them an edge.
Grant Cooper received the Career Directors International President’s Award (CDI National Conference, Orlando, FL)

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